Curbside Outtake: A Chevelle That Isn’t Badged as an SS… or Even a V8

After coming home from a two month vacation and getting back into the routine of multiple daily dog walks, I’m seeing some changes in the neighborhood. Among them was this 1969 Chevelle. And it makes no pretense of being an SS.

I never noticed this before, but it’s not just a Chevelle. It’s a “Chevelle by Chevrolet”, badged that way both front and rear. By the way, those are almost certainly the original 55 year old license plates.

But is it a 250? Or a 300? It’s both. OK, I know, but when you see the badging only a few feet apart on the front fender it seems like weird model nomenclature. A little research suggests that the 300 Deluxe was the only 300 (base) trim level, and was gone the next year, at least in the US. Canada kept it for a few more years but in the US it was just a Chevelle until the Deluxe, but not 300, designation returned with the Colonnade in 1973. The 250 cubic inch inline Six lasted until the late Seventies in passenger cars and the early Eighties in trucks, until replaced by various GM V6’es.


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