Curbside Outtakes: A Neighborhood Variety

On a recent jog through the neighborhood, I encountered some new curbside sights that I thought were worth sharing.

I’ve seen a Geo Metro (Suzuki Swift) converted into a pickup a few times around town, but this Gen2 Prius was new to me. I wonder if the back doors still open.

The woodwork wasn’t quite cabinet quality, but nevertheless nicely done. By the way, the paint color on this hybrid truck is the same as on our own 2008 Prius (now our son’s), called Driftwood.

I tried to get a lot in this picture. T3 Vanagon Westfalia’s are no rarity in our town, and in fact the last time I was on this block, there was a second one in the same color, and both with the same non-USA grill and headlight setup. But I didn’t have a chance to get a photo then. This time, only the one Vanagon was there, but joined by a BMW 320i, a 1964 (?) Falcon wagon, a T1 VW bus … and barely visible beyond the older VW is another common CC, a Ford Crown Victoria.

This “box body” GMC truck is a regular sighting and daily driver. It’s always parked on this narrow and busy street with the driver-side mirror folded in. As a regular bicyclist along this block, I appreciate the owner’s care in giving cyclists just a bit more room. It’s rare to see one unmodified like this, except for the period-correct bumper guards and the front receiver hitch.

Finally, just around the corner from my house was this red-on-red Buick.

Like the Falcon wagon, I’ll call it a ’64, but I suppose it could be a year newer. In fact, until I saw the prominent badging on the front fender, I would have assumed it was a Skylark. I’d also assume it has the V6 under the hood based on the modest trim level; it definitely had an automatic.