Day Trip with Dad (and Eight Classics!)

My brother moved about a year ago, a different town but still around two hours away from my house.  Since our Father had not visited yet I took him last Sunday.

For this road trip we took Mrs DougD’s 2015 Scion tC.  I haven’t done a full COAL on this car yet but we bought it as a winter beater in November and we love it.  The one thing I will say about the tC today is that it has a close ratio 6 speed manual, and I wish the ratios were wider because it revs quite a bit at freeway speeds.  With all those gears you’d think 6th would be a whopping big OD ratio, but no.

I was at Dad’s house before 8am, we needed to get an early start to reach our destination by 10. 


Ten o’clock because we were going to Church.  My brother is a pastor, and also a Pontiac Vibe enthusiast.  We actually arrived before him, and although I was highly tempted to park the tC in his “Pastor Parking” spot I did not.


After Church & coffee we went back to his house for lunch.  Here we see my brother’s other Pontiac Vibe, and my teenage nephew’s first car.  Yes, it’s a 1992 Geo Metro convertible!  Note the sign on the back – Learning Stick, Sorry.


Behold the awesomeness of the 1.0 litre 3 cylinder!  While not a top tier classic, there’s actually a lot to like about this little car.  It’s rust free, and passed the safety check and is on the road.  That’s a lot more than you can say for the 1962 Triumph TR4 I bought when I was his age (COAL on that here if you’ve not read it) so full marks for a fun and usable vehicle.  I had a ride in it, it’s not fast and handles like a half full bathtub on roller skates but who cares?  Geo Metro for the win!


This will surely be a learning experience for my nephew, I already sent him a Haynes service manual for the Metro and his other grandfather is going to help him put a new top on it.

After lunch we went to visit a church member who I was told “Had a couple of old cars.”  Adults went in the Scion, and a couple of nephews went in the Metro.  Turns out we were going to see a one family car show:


First up there were a pair of nicely restored late 60’s Javelins.  They were very clean, the blue one has a 390/auto and the red one a 360/auto.  These cars brought up a lot of memories for Dad and I, since there’s a lot of shared parts with the 72 Matador we had and I used those AMC slotted rims on it as well.  I was surprised to hear Dad say “When I bought the Ramber what I REALLY wanted was one of these, but my wife said that is NOT a family car!”. 


Then we went to the garage where we encountered this 1934 Dodge Brothers sedan.  My photo was very backlit, and doesn’t show what nice shape this one was also in.  Very nice paint and interior.  I don’t think it was plated, the lady said that it was actually her car but she could not learn to drive standard so they didn’t use it much.  It’s interesting how narrow the passenger compartment is in 1930’s cars, and how much leg room was in the back of this Dodge.


In the detached workshop we encountered the star of the show, a 1959 Mercury.  This is a California car with original (albeit thin in spots) paint and 383 MEL engine.  Just look at the compound curve on that rear window!


It was fun to watch the boys lose their minds over the sheer size of this automobile, and the amount of chrome and rocket-era details.  In this photo they are admiring the switchgear on the very low dash.  We opened the hood and it was rather tightly packed in there, the MEL is a big motor.


Also in the shop was their latest project, looks to be a 1940’s Dodge pickup recently painted a non-factory colour.  The black painted frame and flathead 6 shows up in the 1st photo of the Mercury.  We were very appreciative that this family allowed to to see (and crawl all over) their treasures.  Thank You!!!

On the way home we took the scenic route and encountered another treasure.  This 1938 DeSoto is being used as lawn art, I’d spotted it on a previous trip and made sure to bring Dad by to see and touch it.  The 1938 DeSoto is pretty significant in D family history.  After emigrating from Holland in 1951, my grandfather bought one making this the first D family car, ever.


After Dad graduated from teachers college at 19 years old, he drove the Desoto making it his first car also. 


I delivered Dad home about 5pm, we were both pretty tired after a day of great weather, family, and interesting old cars.