Nostalgia: Downtown Telluride, Colorado, 1976

01 76 Telluride

Telluride, Colorado 1976


Suzie and I were on our honeymoon in November of 1976 in our ‘72 Fiat 128. Why we decided to go to Telluride, Colorado, I have no idea as neither of us are or were skiers. But we share the curiosity of finding out what’s on the other side of the mountain, so we spent a night in Telluride.

At that time Telluride was, in a sense, undiscovered. That is, relative to Aspen. Today it probably can boast of an equivalent number of APSM (Assholes Per Square Meter) as Aspen. But then, early morning life began with good ole boys in their 2 and 4wd Ford pickemups, an idle Dodge, a CJ, and a Montego.

Hardly a Cartier-Bresson decisive moment, but none the less, an interesting slice in time.