eBay Find: 1965 Buick Electra 225 – That’s More Like It

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I posted ten days ago about a white ’68 Buick Electra 225 I’ve seen prowling the streets near my neighborhood. While certainly appealing, the matter of that car’s incongruous styling was difficult to overlook entirely. This 1965 model, in a rich cashmere metallic, addresses all the complaints I had of its white counterpart, and even considering my preference for Engel’s ’65 Chryslers, I think this unrestored car is beautiful.

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Paul posted a while back about a ’67 Electra convertible, calling it the Jayne Mansfield of cars.  This hardtop sedan, on the other hand, reminds me of a frail, wealthy dowager.  Chalk up the difference in viewpoint to age; Buicks weren’t the chosen car of the elderly when Paul was a kid.  Nevertheless, both of us seem to see a certain femininity in these cars.  For me, all the chrome decoration makes for a somewhat effete appearance and I can imagine its original owner wearing a fur jacket and chunky pendant necklace over her petite frame.

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One very favorable difference between this car and the 1968 model is its full-width taillight reflector.  There were also significant changes made to the sides and the front of the Electra between 1965 and 1968, but it’s the way the taillights were revised which affected its appearance most negatively.  Our featured car gets the nod for its more integrated, tidy rear-end styling treatment, in addition to the straight, simple lines along its sides.  Dealers take note: this is how you sell a hard top, with the windows open!

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This shot shows a lot of the decoration I’m referring to.  The car may not be flawless, but all four turbine inspired wheel covers are present.  Should one be lost, replacements on eBay run between twenty and forty bucks.  Note that the high beams are recessed further than the low beams.  As for whether or not the circular turn signal complements the headlights, the jury is out.

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I don’t think there’s anyway to drive this car but slowly, except on a deserted highway, so in that sense, one would be unlikely to get hurt in this car.  Still, the lap belts, tiny steering wheel hub and sharp chrome ridges allow for extra glamorous injuries in case of an accident.

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I can’t say this is the most attractive dashboard of its era–1964’s looked richer–but I am surprised to see a circular speedometer.  A ribbon speedometer reappeared in the following year, as did a sleeker overall layout.

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No complaints of this bedazzled door panel, though.

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I am sad to say that this listing has expired, but of course, the real joy in posting eBay finds is appreciation, not promotion.  And with such crisp edges and straight lines, calling it a tank or a boat would be unkind.  While this particular car doesn’t have the delicate canopy of the 1961-1964 models, the overall look is more harmonious, something which can’t be said for the 1966 models.  If it’s true that 1965 represents GM’s peak, consider this full-size Buick compelling proof.