Industry Squawk: Yet Another Study That Concludes, “Put That Cell Phone Away You Knucklehead!”

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Tom & Ray Magliozzi of Cartalk fame have devoted extensive space on their web site towards the dangers of driving and using a cell phone.  Now the AAA Foundation is getting into the mix with a recent study that suggests brains, cell phones and steering wheels only work well if you want to make a classic blood gore flick.

The study can be found here with the usual fact sheets and statistical extrapolations that have been publicized hundreds of times in the past.  This study is not groundbreaking to the common commuters among us. But it does bring forth a question that I can’t seem to let go as it pertains to all of us here.

Has anyone here not seen at least, say, 30 or so dangerous drivers yakking away on their cell phones?

I average about three a week here in Atlanta. However your neck of the woods may be different. Feel free to share your insights and experiences with us! Extra credit will go to those of you who honked your horn and made that cell phone pop out of the driver side window and shatter into a million pieces.