Kaiser Day Miniature: 1949 Barclay


Blob City

The ‘49 Kaiser shown here was manufactured by Vintage Castings from original molds discarded by Barclay in 1971. The owner of Vintage Castings, Bill Longo, has been casting both toy soldiers and cars from Barclay molds that he acquired after Barclay’s demise. I have a Vintage Castings ‘39 Buick that my wife gave me for Christmas in 1979.


Barclay/Vintage Castings ’49 Kaiser

Vintage Casting pieces can be found on eBay from time-to-time. Longo’s primary love is toy solders, but he has also produced a great number of cars and trucks as well. Longo does great work, with paint gloss equivalent to what you would find at your local Woolworth’s in the early ‘50s, albeit with a bit more detail-most dime store products that Barclay or other slush casters offered did not have-painted windows, bumpers or headlights. I love this guy’s stuff.

Slush cast toys from Barclay, Lincoln, CAW, Kansas Toy & Novelty and others were sold through the five-and-dimes. Depending on size and detailing (multiple paint colors, propellers, etc), these toys sold for 5, 10, or 15 cents. Naturally, larger pieces, which required more pewter were more expensive. Originals, and Vintage Castings pieces go for slightly more (hah!) today.



’49 Kaiser

The Kaiser depicted here probably was a 15-cent toy due to its size, about 1/43 scale, 5”, (127 mm) long.

I avidly collect Vintage Castings/Bill Longo pieces. My database indicates that I have eight of his cars, including this Kaiser. If you would like to see more, I would be happy to comply, as long as the Tsar of the Commentariat blesses the endeavor. Lots of Art Moderne, Airflows, Buicks and others.