Kessel Run Outtake: The Millenium Falcon


“You’ve never heard of the Millennium Falcon?  It did the Kessel Run in under 12 Parsecs…”

Obviously this is not the actual ship, since Millennium is missing one of the “n”‘s….But hey, it’s probably the most appropriate car to inspire a tribute of the Star Wars spaceship.  I spotted this in Ingolstadt, Germany back in 2003 and had to stop and get a few pictures.  That’s actually my rental car that I just parked inthe middle of the street next to it, I was so excited!


Based on the early C3 Chassis Audi 100, I believe this one is actually Diesel powered, most likely powered by a 2.2liter engine.  The Ronal wheels always looked nice on Audi’s of this vintage.


Nowadays everything is space-age looking, but back in the early 80’s, the Audi 100 was like something from another world, and the wagon version even more so.  I can’t think of a better car to do this to.  The body kit is a little much for me, but I do like the lightsaber attached to the front grille.


The registration is for the Eichstatt area, which is the next one over from Ingolstadt, so this car is local to the area.  Very likely it’s still running now, since it was in very good shape when I saw it ten years ago….