MG Midget — Have Three; They’re Small!

I’d no idea what kind of an MG this was, except it was tiny. Standing next to it felt as though it came only up to my knees, and I could touch the front and rear bumper at the same time if I were to stretch.

Except there is no front or rear bumper; they’ve been removed. Perhaps the owner felt they made the car just too doggone long…?

I don’t know what year this car might be, only that it was made after 31 December 1968. How? Because of the triple wipers:

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard № 104 took effect on 1 January 1968. It required more than 90 per cent of the windshield area be swept by the wipers on passenger cars 68 inches or wider. One of the first changes was to make it applicable to all vehicles as of 1 January 1969, regardless of width. This car is under 56 inches wide, which is less than 68. Given the short –windshield– windscreen, longer blades weren’t possible, so they met the standard with a third wiper. If you weren’t in North America, you only got two; oh, say, can you see?

At first I thought this car might not be all of a piece; the front and rear side markers don’t match. The front ones are Lucas L824s, and the rears are L841s. Nothing wrong with that functionally, it’s just a little visually jarring. But it appears that’s how they were built. How veddy odd!