My Curbside Classic: 1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88

Every guy eventually goes through a midlife crisis, and I guess this is mine.  I have been looking for quite awhile for just the right something.  I could not describe what I was looking for, but always knew that I would know it when I see it.  Well, I saw it.  And here it is.

Most of you will be surprised that I did not end up with a big Mopar C body, but truthfully, I have sort of tired of them.  I grew up in an Oldsmobile family, so I guess that this kind of takes me back to my roots.  My mother bought a new 72 Cutlass, but it was one of these that I really lusted after.

It is a pretty straight old car, and the price was certainly right.  The owner could not find the title, but he seemed like a pretty nice fellow, so I doubt that he will give me any trouble.  Sure, it needs a little attention.  But I figure that I can use it as a driver while I slowly improve it.  These were really pretty good on gas if they were tuned right and driven easily.

I was swayed by the fact that this was the Royale model.  There were not many of these made, at least that is what the seller told me.  As you can see, these were very luxurious cars.   I think that these big 1970s Oldsmobiles are poised to become pretty collectible in the next decade or so.  Everyone who sees it really makes a fuss over it, so I am sure that it will be an easy and quick sale if I ever change my mind.

I have always considered the 72 big Delta to be one of the best looking Oldsmobiles of the postwar era.  The unique upper and lower taillight treatment has a classic simplicity that appeals to me.

I realize that I have said things here on CC that may have led people to believe that I did not like these.  Well, I will confess that it is part of my nature occasionally to take a strong position so as to provoke discussion on the site, and I have used these 1970s B body cars to do this from time to time.  But in truth, I have always had a fondness for these and consider them one of GM’s better efforts.  Now I can finally call one my own.  I suppose that it is now time for me to change my avatar.