QOTD: After Fifty Years, Which Has Been Your Favorite Mustang?

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The fiftieth anniversary of the ‘stang snuck up on me, even though I’d read about it on blogs and in print on more than one occasion.  I remember the car’s thirtieth anniversary very well, as it coincided with the introduction of the overtly-nostalgic 1994 model.  At the time, I didn’t “get” pony cars, and I still don’t pay much attention to Mustangs made after 1993, but twenty years later, I understand their enduring appeal.  Which of these beautiful machines, made over five generations, charms you the most?


My personal favorite Mustang would be the Fox body, since they were such a bold break with tradition.  It’s rare such a sensational car manages that kind of transition so successfully, while remaining true to its original spirit. And while the initial models left something to be desired in terms of performance, the issue was quickly rectified by the 1982 GT, which was an icon in its own right, representing the end of the Malaise era.


As much as I love the Fox, I know it can’t match the beauty of the original, and I suspect that will be the most popular version among the commentariat.  But do any of you have a more controversial preference?  Does a Mustang II Ghia hit the spot for anyone?  Or perhaps a quad-cam 1996 SVT Cobra?  With such a so many limited production models, a lot of ups and downs, and a wide variety of options packages and trim levels, there’s a huge number of Mustangs to choose from.  As such an opinionated, engaged bunch, I know most of us will share a definite preference for one model or another.