QOTD: For Which Of Your Friends’ Automotive Purchases Was It Most Difficult To Feign Enthusiasm? (Update: Comments Now Closed)


(Update by Paul Niedermeyer):   Unfortunately, this post inadvertently has turned into another ugly and stupid internet Prius hate fest, and I’ve had to delete a number of comments the likes I’ve never seen here before. I simply can’t understand how one car can make so many folks foam at the mouth.

My theory is this: it’s not the car itself, which although may not be everyone’s cup of tea, is a highly functional vehicle as well as an extremely reliable and efficient one as well as a commercially successful one. I don’t want one for myself, but it’s a valid automotive choice.

The Prius has become a political symbol, because there’s no possible other explanation of the ugly venom it inevitably generates, and not so much against the car itself, but its owners. In fact, often the most venomous comments are by folks who obviously have never driven one.

CC has prided itself in staying away from politics. Since many readers seem not to be able to distinguish the Prius’ actual automotive qualities from the political baggage it wears, we’re going to have to make it a taboo subject for now. I’m going to bed, and I refuse to see more idiotic comments posted about a car, and its owners.

CC always welcomes intelligent and insightful comments about cars or whatever the subject matter may be. If a comment is negative, but based on some actual aspect of the car or the writer’s experience with it, we welcome it.

Please note: this is NOT comparable to a GM Deadly Sin or such. It’s one thing to write about a car’s actual shortcomings, especially when those were clearly validated by its failure in the market. That certainly doesn’t apply to the Prius, one of the biggest success stories in the modern era.

Sometimes it’s thinly veiled, other times it’s right out there: some of these Prius comments are a form of hate speech against their owners. We’re not going to allow that now, or ever, against any group, including owners of a certain car. It’s sad and pathetic. Please grow up. Or go away.

“It’s… gorgeous.”

We’ve all had buddies buy something which doesn’t suit our tastes. When it comes to cars, though, it can be hard to keep our mouths shut, or at least in my case, it’s been quite difficult.  As enthusiasts, our opinions can be strong, but even still, many of us have had to watch friends flash a poorly-considered purchase in hopes of a kind word or two.  Did you grin and go for the polite option or did you spill the beans?



It’s not uncommon that those who make bad decisions in all areas of their lives expect our approval, and in such situations, telling the truth can lead to all sorts of mayhem.  So we often go with a safe (in the short term) response, like, “I think it’d be a great idea to marry your partner after three months,” or, “I love your spring break tattoo,” or perhaps, “go ahead and try that 500 pound dead lift!”


You’d think it would be rather easier to be truthful about a car purchase, but then again, after someone’s shelled out thousands, it can seem especially unkind.


Even sharing your opinion with a friend of a friend can seem mean, like when I told my father that his best friend’s Benz ML was “crap.”  But for chrissakes, don’t pretend to appreciate my car knowledge and then expect to remain care-free in your ignorance.  This question is by no means limited to friends; significant others and family members are game, too, especially if their purchase was gravely disappointing.

Which car, new or used, purchased by a friend, lover or family member had you seeing red behind your clenched smile?