QOTD: Is This The Best Car TV Advertisement Ever?

Strada press advert

In 1979, FIAT launched the Ritmo in the UK, using the name Strada. Given the investment in its manufacturing and the reputation FIAT had in the UK for quality, the emphasis on the manufacturing processes and equipment in the advertising was a good way to answer any questions.

The strapline “Hand built by Robots” is now considered a classic; the press advertisment is good but I suggest the TV advertisement is perhaps one of the best ever. From pressing and casting to a ballet of robotic transfer equipment and paint sparying to a closing sequence aping The Italian Job (check this link to an iconic Britsh film, set in Italy and featuring the famous chase of Minis across the roofs of Turin). Using this format to emphasise quality also makes an interesting counterpoint to the German way of showing reassuring figures in white coats poring over a car or a component.

 So, QOTD is, can you better this?

Fiat Strada advert 1

The BBC had some fun trying…….