QOTD – Is This The Best Thing You’ve Ever Seen At A Car Show?


“A Frenchman, an Englishman and a Czech are working together in a field,” sounds like the opening line for a rambling and ultimately disappointing joke, but in this case, it describes something much better. At the recent SimcaTalbot Matra Club rally in Beaulieu in England, there was–as regular CC readers will soon see–a fascinating collection of cars. But there was also this:


These guys are seemingly changing the rocker cover gasket on a French registered late 1950s Simca Aronde Plein Ciel Convertible. That’s pretty courageous in a field, especially in England where it is no doubt scheduled to rain soon.  The car in question is registered in France, and the team working on it consists of a Frenchman, an Englishman and a Czech, who has come over in his Simca 1501 to help.


So, today’s QOTD is in two parts: have you seen a more courageous repair in a car show field, and have you seen a more multi-national team doing it?  What other fascinating collaborative efforts have you witnessed at such an event?