QOTD – Tell Me About This 1963 VW 1200 (Beetle) Cabriolet

A slightly different QOTD than normal. Instead of responses to a direct questions and the option to explore and digress, I’m looking for facts.

I make no claim to any level of VW Beetle expertise, or even to be a particular fan. I admire VW for making so many so well, their durability and Dr Porsche’s engineering even if I’m not a fan of all of the solutions. But I’m not going to tell you much about a Beetle from viewing a series of photos. So, that’s where you come in. Not so much a QOTD as an EQOTD – Exam Question of the Day.

I’ve got the basics on this model, from the obvious clues and registration. It’s a 1963 car, with a 1192cc engine, and clearly beautifully maintained and cared for.

Beyond that, my immediate knowledge is limited to what I could research, or rather what I hope you’ll provide. How many Cabriolets were built? How many sold in the UK? How powerful? How much? How fast?

Were those bumpers options?  Is there anything on this car that has been subsequently added perhaps? Was there a choice of hood colour? Is this a factory colour – I don’t usually go for grey cars but this colour works well here.

There are enough VW aficionados in the CC community to answer most of those questions, and others, and probably others. Just one simple rule – no more than one fact in each answer or otherwise I’ll have it all in the first five responses. Points awarded for obscure facts.

Or just admire and enjoy.