QOTD: What Do You Call a Gathering of Metros?

On a Sunday morning drive on Hwy 59 north of Van Buren, Arkansas I spotted this noteworthy collection of Suzuki products. One, yeah, that’s a survivor, maybe even two would be noted and quickly forgotten. But four? That’s worth turning around and snapping a picture with my phone camera. They all appear to be runners and as cared for as four of the same cars left outside can be.

My GF was all ‘what are you doing?’ but she’s gotten used to my old car eccentricities so she thought four Metros were snapworthy as well. This little town also had a different home with four Nissan pickups in various states of being, but since someone was walking outside, discretion was the better part of valor there.

But back to the title. What is a collection of Metros called? A Suzuki of Metros? Metri?