QOTD – What’s Your Best House Clearance Find?


House clearance is often a difficult process, for many reasons. Almost certainly, something will come to light that brings back some memories and has associations, and my Mum’s recent move after 32 years was no different.

Deep in the back of a drawer was a key fob from a garage. So far, so ordinary – it probably happens in every house clearance or move. But to me, this one was different.


It is a key fob from the garage my Dad used for all his car purchases from 1971 to 1985, known as Prospect Garage in the town of Morley, in the south of Leeds in Yorkshire.. Over that period, he and Mum purchased 9 cars, ranging from a second hand and rather dubious Hillman Imp, a Chrysler 2 Litre saloon from the Chrysler UK management staff fleet to a Chrysler Horizon and 3 Chrysler Alpines

Actually, it was only one Chrysler Alpine, as the second and third (which were the same colour as each other) were actually Talbot Alpines, after the Peugeot takeover of Chrysler Europe in 1978.


The key fob is for Talbot Sales and Service from Prospect Garage, so I believe it probably came with the second or third Alpine in 1981 or 1985. Talbot as a brand was killed off by Peugeot in 1986, after disappointing sales and with little in the way of new products in the pipeline. It’s also worth pausing to remember what dealer marketing accessories were like 30 years ago – this is just a snip of printed paper enclosed in a simple plastic housing, and for an ambitious brand.

Prospect motors1

The dealer is still there, now owned by a regional logistics and vehicle leasing group and selling Fords, and new building cladding aside, is still recognisable. It is still known as Prospect Garage as a postal address and still has the same telephone number. The key fob is now with the keys for my Mazda MX-5 – I suspect it is the only MX-5 with a Talbot Sales and Service key fob, and that suits me just fine.


So, QOTD is, what has been your best house clearance or house move find with CC relevance?