QOTD: What’s Your Most Memorable Infestation?


In addition to being a Question Of The Day, consider this post a warning: do not park your car for any extended period on an unpaved surface (if you can help it).  Having to make it to Indianapolis for an important appointment and not wanting to risk getting a flat on my Civic’s now-leaking tires, I took my partner’s Mini, which we generally do not drive.  After a day’s worth of use, this is what I found in the doorjamb: hundreds–possibly thousands–of ants, teaming over their eggs on the scuff plate and running frantically up and down A-pillar.  This, mind you, is what’s happened to a well-finished, new-ish car after about two months of being parked on a weedy gravel driveway.


Pictures don’t do the ants I found this weekend justice.  It was more disgusting than that still image captured and spraying down the door jamb multiple times has only partially solved the issue.  But I’m sure many of you have experienced far worse; from rabid raccoons, to rats, wasps and even feral cats, cars make a nice, relatively dry space in which to nest.  The Honda pictured here might be an extreme example, but wires, seat padding and sound insulation are all excellent materials out of which nests can be constructed.  And as an online publication which celebrates barn and field finds, DIY repair and trips to the junkyard, I’m sure most of our readers have a story to tell.  Which vermin infestation has most struck–or even scarred–you?