QOTD: Which Detail Feature Badge Do You Wish For?

disc brakes_1

Do you remember when there was a badge on the boot of your car calling attention to some feature that actually mattered little, if at all, to other motorists?

The classic case was a badge reading “Automatic” or “V8”; later we saw badges covering everything from air conditioning, five-speed gearboxes, sixteen-valve heads, overdrive transmissions and ABS, to four-wheel steering systems and, of course, turbochargers.  The current favourite is 4WD.

disc brakes_2

What is quite appealing about this disc brake badge from a 1962 Jaguar Mk2 2.4 litre is that it highlights something that potentially, through its performance enhancing capabilities, affects other motorists.  By the time drivers of the day could make out what it said, their inadequate, likely unassisted, drum brake set-up would have allowed them to rear end this short-stopping sports saloon.


So, QOTD is: can you show a detail specification badge that is as unnecessary as this two-inch diameter disc brakes badge?