QOTD: You Get To (Have To) Pick One. Which One?

Taking up about sixteen oversize spaces at my local Costco this afternoon was this interesting assemblage of vehicles.  I’m not sure if we can truly say there will be something for everyone to choose from but let’s give it a shot.  The actual rules are posted at the end.  Leading this shot is the tow vehicle, a fine example of a current generation Ford F-350 SuperDuty that illustrates a fairly common usage of the type of vehicle that Mr. Shafer went on at length about last month in this post.

This particular example is a current generation Ford F350 DRW Lariat 4WD with the 6.7l PowerStroke TurboDiesel engine. Equipped as it is it likely stickered for around $70,000.  Obviously this is also the driver’s rolling office, there was also at least a passenger (or second driver) and a dog inside.  I saw the owner carrying a crate of drinks and some other supplies on his way back to the truck.  This is very much a working vehicle purchased to earn money for its owner/driver.

In this case the company is based in Las Vegas, NV and, since this was in Colorado, obviously goes far afield in search of work.  The truck is without a doubt a very fine place to spend a lot of time on the road and if you are similarly employed or are one of the many cattle ranchers in these here central states, this may be a great vehicle for you.


Here’s the view from the rear, with something this long it is probably difficult to see all the way to the end from the first picture alone.  Ford is perhaps a little over-represented here but let’s take a closer look for those of you without the ranch to house the F-350.

Well, right up top with pride of place looks to be a ’32 Ford Pickup.  An iconic American shape, this one looks far from stock but still looks to have lots of places where you could place your own personal style to it.  I don’t think the early ’80’s Mustang wheels do it any favors but they are good placeholders while you source something more in keeping with your own likes.  However those wheels also seem to be sporting Michelin TRX tires so you likely would want to get on replacing that whole setup fairly quickly.  What’s parked underneath it?  We’ll come back to that in a minute.

Yeah, here’s another vehicle with three-spoke wheels on this haul, this time an Infiniti QX4.  Obviously based on the unibody Nissan Pathfinder, this was Infiniti’s first foray into the SUV market.  Whilst not exactly common, they did OK in the marketplace and were a comfortable leather-lined way to commute to work or the mall and I believe came with a full time all wheel drive system.

This looks like one of the later 2002-2004 versions based on the wheel design but they most assuredly did not come with outline white letter tires from the factory.  Although it has North Dakota plates it looks fairly pampered with just a hint of paint discoloration starting around the front fender flares.

Alright, so what have we here?  I am virtually certain it is a Ford Model A chassis that looks to be in quite good condition, obviously restored and waiting for a body.

It looks ready to go and very possibly runs and drives.  While not quite ready for the Friday Night Cruise, this might make a very fine starting point for the budding vintage enthusiast.  Not quite 99% complete, what is there though looks mighty good.  This could in fact be the most valuable item on the trailer.

Bringing up the rear, but only literally (or maybe not?), is another Ford Pickup, this time an F-250 SuperDuty 4×4 of circa 2000 vintage, again with a Ford PowerStroke Diesel engine.  Equipped with the long bed, this appears to be a fairly basic spec truck that likely has at least a 2 as the lead digit on its 6-figure odometer and very possibly a 3 or even a 4.  It has Colorado plates and as such likely doesn’t have too much rust (besides the front bumper).

So here’s the deal.  You get to (have to) choose one to take for your own.  No charge whatsoever to acquire it, but you have to keep it, feed it, and nurture it (with your own money), no selling it; and once you may be done with it, it just goes away with no residual gain to you.

Consider where you are able to house it and how you’d use it .  And explain why and how.  If you live in an apartment in Chicago you are not taking the tow vehicle, capisce?  For myself, although it’s the boring (but sensible!) choice, I think I would take the Infiniti QX4 as I have a soon to be licensed teen driver in the household for whom it would make a fine carriage.