Restoration Classics: Cuttys, Hydramatics, Custom Coaches


Hell-o gorgeous! A restoration shop tucked in the back of an unassuming shopping center shows off some beauties and fixer-uppers in the late December sun.

Olds 2

First, a gorgeous Oldsmobile next to a “newer” Mustang that needs a bit of attention. I love the white walls on this ’41 and that paint job. And you can’t get much better than this:


Saves gas! There are also a couple Fords sitting a bit farther down. One is looking pretty sharp.


Those snazzy tires and a lovely green just look perfect together on this ’46 Super Deluxe. It has an interesting neighbor:

super deluxe

But if you’re into patina, there’s another one just for you.

Super Rough

Ouch. Has the look of a barn find, doesn’t it? This old fellow also has a fun neighbor.

Old Van

When and if that’s restored, it’s going to look great! Everything seemed intact.

Some cars looked really rough. One is really a hot commodity but in the worst shape. I don’t know if it needs a restoration or a miracle.


The poor thing threw up. A lot of Cutlass fans would too if they saw this in person.

Cutty Trash Window

I believe this is a ’69.


Here’s hoping it gets a new life that doesn’t consist of sitting under a tarp in the back of someone’s lawn. It didn’t look completely rusty.

Finally, a curio for Cadillac fans.

Custom Coach

This custom Caddy touring coupe convertible hasn’t been idle too long. It was last registered in ’07 but got its last inspection in ’04. I wonder if Dr. Dee just let inspection slide.


I wanted to get a close up but someone started honking at me. It was built by Hess and Eisenhardt in Ohio. The interior was pretty ripped up and while we don’t really get the rust bug here in Virginia, there’s just enough rough spots to cause concern. Lots of trim is missing too.

The most puzzling thing about this restoration shop is the scope of what they do. There seems to be a bit of everything. Way back toward the garage doors there is a 1984 Cavalier in primer and pieces and parts of a VW bus. There’s also a gigantic military vehicle parked next to a new Camaro. I don’t know if they are great, ambitious or really unfocused. This is not a prestige area. The building used to be a movie theater next to a Marina Safeway. Remember those?