Scout II Sighting

01 Scout

Whoa! So this thing pulls up!

So I’m driving south on State St, Rt 89, in Salt Lake when this Scout II pulls up along side of me. I’m not a big Scout fan, but this thing was pretty sweet.

Fire Orange paint and optional white panel decals. The wheels are period correct American Racing.


02 Scout

Options up the butt

Let’s not get carried away. Western mirrors, sliding windows in the second row, and a roof rack. The white decals on the side had cracked and separated indicating that they were original.


03 Scout

Nice shot of my steering wheel

Scout IIs were manufactured from 1971 through 1980, and from what I can tell, the bodywork remained unchanged during this run.

Scouts would appear to have an international (no pun intended) fan base. A quick search of Google Images turns out immaculate examples in the Netherlands, Spain, and the Philippines.



What year is this?

Sweet. Optional chromed bumpers. Dualies indicate that this had either a 304 or a 345.  Glad I started packing my mega megapixel 2.0 in the glovebox.