Stoplight Outtake: The Monterey Bay Tidepool Edition Vanagon

Tidepool Vanagon

Sorry for the poor cropping, but it required some contortion and folding my mirror to get even this much of this Vanagon into the frame at a stoplight this afternoon. But since we’ve featured a few Vanagon Westfalias recently, I though this one too deserved its moment of fame. In fact, it’s a special-special edition as the front fender bore a Wolfsburg Edition badge. It’s a later version, with plastic covered bumpers, and like another recent post, it had a quad round headlight front end (South African?). And, since I’m an obsessive tire sidewall reader, I notice it features “enTyre” tires … or is that tyres?

Unfortunately the photo resolution doesn’t quite make the sign in the rear window readable, but it lists the plants and creatures depicted on the van’s sides and rear, all found in the tide pools of Monterey Bay, whose northern shore is just about a mile from where the photo was taken.