The Avenue of Roses Car Show – Portlandia Loves Cars

I really like taking photos of interesting old cars. So when a car show takes place within walking distance of my house, I was obviously going to check it out. The event was part of a neighborhood celebration & parade for the 82nd Avenue area of Portland Oregon. This isn’t the most avant-garde or hipster kind of  Portland neighborhood you might expect. My neighbors are regular working class people who collect more Mustangs and Camaros than European exotics.

It’s always fun to see what the local enthusiasts have tucked away in their garages. Obviously, this kind of show is no Pebble Beach Concours, but it is perhaps a more genuine look at the kind of cars many middle class Americans are working on and collecting. So grab yourself a greasy cheeseburger, a can of Budweiser, and a slice of apple pie. It’s time to enjoy a typical American neighborhood car show.

This is the kind of car I was expecting to find and I was not disappointed. These aren’t probably the cars you dream of owning if you hit the lottery, they are the ones you actually can afford if you have a few extra bucks and do much of the work yourself. The owner must be very proud of this beautiful Firebird convertible.

This Plymouth Road Runner is beautiful. I’m guessing this modified one might be a clone, because original cars these days are so insanely expensive.

This is a Hillman Minx convertible. I don’t think there are many of these in Oregon. I had never seen one before. In this bright yellow it almost looks like little Checker cab.

Hot Rods like this aren’t necessarily my cup of tea, though this one is quite tastefully done, and must be ungodly fast. I always wonder what Henry Ford would think of a creation like this.

This 1961 Plymouth Fury 4 door sedan was my favorite car of the day. I love the over the top styling, the push button transmission and those crazy tail lights. 1961 was the last year of Virgil Exner’s “Forward Look” designs. This one looks very original and in pretty good shape.

This Camaro drag racer was all motor.

Someone must be a pretty big Scooby Doo fan. This 1973 Econoline van would draw a crowd wherever it goes.

This Cadillac hearse is kind of interesting. It goes to show, there is a collector for just about any car. Give this one another 20 years and it will be a bit more unusual.

The Chevy pickup was beautiful, but I was smitten with the BSA 441 Victor in the bed. This is a terrific combo.

What car show would be complete without one of these?

I can’t tell you much about this old DeSoto, but it looks positively huge with that little child’s head in the rear window.

This beautiful old Ford Falcon is owned by a retired mechanic that built the car almost entirely by himself.

Hey look, it’s a movie star! This 1947 Buick Road Master was in the movie “Imaginary Crimes”.

It looks like yellow is a popular color with the local builders these days, but I’d like to see what this Mercury looked like when it left the factory.

These are the kind of car shows that are held in small towns and big city neighborhoods all over our country. People don’t bring their cars to shows like this to make money or get famous. They simply want to show their cars, that they have spent so much time and money on, to people who might appreciate their hard work.

I am a photographer who enjoys posting my car photos on the internet so more people can see them. The people that build and maintain these old cars enjoy having them posted online so more people can see their cars. That is a text book definition of a symbiotic relationship if there ever was one.

You guys keep fixing up cool old cars and I’ll do my best to take a few good pictures of them.