Toyland Classic: Miniature Hondas


Like many young boys, I had a gigantic tub of Matchbox cars which I loved to dump all over the floor, completely ignorant my family’s need to maintain a clean house or keep the skin on the soles of their feet intact.  In an effort to make them look more realistic, I placed the toys on top of the stove to give their tires flat spots.  I was completely perplexed by my parents’ response; who wouldn’t want realistic toys? 


Now that I’m a big boy, I can go shopping for toys all by myself and during a recent trip to the local antique mall, I came across these two minature Hondas–an ’84 CRX and an ’88 Prelude–on sale for a dollar each.  I meant to mail them to a friend in Tijuana who sent me a 1/64 scale Renault R25, but might just like them too much to part with them.


You can just make out the rear wiper molded into the backlite on the Prelude, meaning it was modeled after the Japanese market version.  With traffic moving through cities and suburbs more and more slowly, I wonder when a carmaker will be generous enough to install one on a popular notchback.  I won’t hold my breath.


As you can see here, the CRX is also modeled after its Japanese market counterpart, with retractable “eyelids” which never made it over to the US (perhaps for the best).


We can see that, despite its opening doors, this miniature Prelude is less accurately realized than the CRX, which was made by ZEE Toys.  Information about this toy online lists it as a 1/64th scale or a 1/60th scale toy, but it is slightly larger than the Prelude, marked 1/58th scale by Majorette, so something doesn’t add up.

Screenshot 2014-02-25 18.48.09

In any case, these two tiny cars have reignited my interest in model cars.  While researching them, I found this lovely 1/18th scale CR-X on eBay.  If I can build a few model cars without getting getting glue and thumbprints on the windows, this will be my reward.