Vintage Brochure: 1967 Ambassador – Fun In The Hay

The images in some of these old brochures are just delightfully perplexing: The nicely attired couple, the haystacks, the LP records, a phonograph? And the not-quite-Mustang-hip Ambassador Sports Sedan? What kind of party are these two planning on attending?

Lots of concepts got Ok’d on that brainstorm PR session. How many demographics are being chased in this one image?

Admittedly, the rest of the ’67 brochure is much more conventional; and maybe more fitting with AMC’s Ambassador?

Yet, food and farming have an odd way to stay present all the way through the booklet. Maybe my ‘young’ Gen-X mind is missing something?

Then again, any of these is way more fun than those found in the Tercel brochure Mother got in ’88.

Car Show Classic: 1967 Ambassador Convertible – Only 1,268 Others On The Planet