Vintage Ad: 1977 Ford LTDs – “Trim and Sporty”

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The tenants who occupied my house prior my moving in warned me that our next door neighbor was a reclusive woman who hated loud music.  That turned out not to be a problem since she suddenly left one day, leaving behind a dumpster full of old magazines and appliances which disappeared just as quickly after a house flipper acquired the property.

Among the magazines, some of which were over eighty years old, was a November ’76 copy of Sports Illustrated where I found this two-page spread for Ford’s full-size LTD and LTD II.  There are a lot of excellent ads in the issue, but the tone-deafness of this plug made it especially hard to pass up.  I have an appreciation for the late, pre-Panther LTD, since it was the biggest and softest of the land-yachts, but passing off the LTD II as trim and sporty is truly amusing.  It’s also a bizarre contradiction in an ad which boasts so much about sheer size and capacity.

Neither of these LTDs is a CC favorite (although I imagine attitudes are different across the pond), but they epitomize Ford’s “better idea” era, making this an ad worth sharing.

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