Vintage Ad: 1981 Escort – The Focus’s Grandma


If ever an ad were untruthful, it would be this spot for the 1981 Escort.  Quoting European publications which were evaluating an almost completely different machine, we can see how much license was taken in marketing Dearborn’s duplicate effort.  Four-cylinder hating Jason Shafer may not care for the Focus he rented but while I feel very differently, his criticism helps explain why Ford felt the need to revise the European Mk3 Escort so extensively.  With added chrome, ’70s lounge-style interior trim and soft chassis calibration, Americans got a subcompact car meant to make the transition from a Maverick painless.  Calling it a world car was more than a stretch, but what I’d really like to know is what exactly a “destiny car” is.

1981 Ford Escort CC Here