Vintage Advertising: The Romance Of Studebaker

Studebaker and romance? Who says they can’t go together? The brand may have been on the ropes by the early ’60s, but in these images, it certainly was selling the idea that if you were up for a dandy good time, Studebaker was the ride to have. We’ll start with this double date on a night out, riding ’62s; a Lark Hardtop and a Gran Turismo Hawk. And how fashion-conscious of these party-goers to leave in color coordinated cars.

This ’63 Lark Regal is shown in a rather evocative image; a carefully lighted scene, with a gently courtship at play. Of the lot, this is my favorite shot. I can easily see myself playing such a role, while trying to be ‘Umbrellas Of Cherbourg’ romantic. Without the French singing, of course.

This image has it all: a content couple, a red ’62 Lark Daytona Hardtop, and puppies in an idyllic setting. Talking about puppies, nowadays most women I know would rather be with the pups than the guy. After all, can anyone really compete against puppies?

Is there a date or a work meeting happening on this ’60 Regal Convertible? I honestly can’t tell, though I suspect it’s the latter. If so, I don’t have work meetings like that, nor do I want to.

This is one I’m not sure about. What was Studebaker trying to say? Yes, nice ’61 Lark Cruiser in the image, but what’s up with the fuzzy and ghostly wedding couple? A statement of sorts? Something about the transient nature of commitments? Maybe I’m just too happy with my marriage to fully understand it.

Let’s leave qualms aside and finish with another happy couple, this time next to a ’62 Lark Cruiser. So, are Studebakers romantic rides? I’m not entirely sold, but with a bit of French singing and misty rain added, the picture would be complete.