Vintage Brochures: 1967 Ford Cortina – The Checkered Cortina!

Once again, let’s dive into the world of ’60s images and their Pop Art influenced graphics. Well, sort of. Besides Pop Art, the Cortina brochure is obviously playing with the checkered flag theme, another cultural reference of the time. Now, if an object was ideal for playful Pop Art treatment, that was the checkered flag.

Throughout the brochure, only the females got to play with the checkered pattern. Meanwhile, Dad only got to wear dull business attire. Is it me, or are the women having more fun?

Of course, they were having more fun! The brochure was obviously tied to the MK2’s launch campaign: New Cortina Is More Cortina! And the star was none other than Miss Cortina and her family!

In the ’60s equivalent of a multimedia cross-platform event, there was more to the MK2 launch than Miss Cortina and her family. Ford motivated dealers to hold Miss Cortina-inspired beauty pageants, while the ‘New Cortina’ song played from record players hidden in the trunk -sorry, boot- of cars at display (The song is on Youtube here). Well, what can I say? It was the swinging ’60s!

Back to the brochure, and its bright and cheerful ’60s displays. All throughout, Miss Cortina and her family are ever-present in playful displays.

Here, Dad seems to be blowing some kind of toy, which goes some way toward showing he’s not just a dull grown-up. Of course, the point of the image is to emphasize the Cortina’s new Aeroflow ventilation system.

Miss Cortina finally gets some relaxing time, and the Cortina is more than apt. As for the model, the MK2 Owners Club mentions she is Colleen Fitzpatrick; and it looks like she had a ball of a time.

It’s clear from the images that Miss Cortina was a color-coordinated freak. Dad didn’t mind though, after all, look at the cute way she asked for it all!

Finally! Dad gets to join in the fun! And, is he now going racing? In any case, in the sales race, the MK2 kept the winning streak the MK1 had started. By late ’66, the Cortina had become Ford of Britain’s most successful model ever.


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