Vintage Brochures & Ads: The Joy Of Colors – A Small Gallery of Joyful Interiors

It’s confession time; in my daily driving, I resent the drab gray interior of my mid-90s VW Golf. I also had a chance to board a modern Cadillac SUV recently, and its oppressive monotone black interior just made me wish for splashes of color. While the old interiors and ergonomics can’t hold a candle against today’s technology, I would welcome the return of more hues.

I know that recently there have been efforts to bring color back to cockpits. Let’s see if it happens. In the meantime, in the odd case that some car designer is perusing CC right now, there are a few suggestions from the past that I humbly submit further below. I’m not suggesting that these are all ‘tasteful’, but if you need inspiration for colorful interiors and patterns, the past is a good place to look.

Without further ado, here’s an incomplete and arbitrary set of colorful interiors with some brochure citations. Some have already appeared at CC previously, but one more look won’t hurt.

1958 Imperial Crown; “…the instant you step into an Imperial Crown you are softly lapped in luxury. You sink yourself into buoyant foam rubber cushions.”


1958 De Soto, with “styling that says ‘farewell’ to the past.”


1967 Ambassador DPL Hardtop with Morocco Brocade fabric.


The ‘Super Quiet’ 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring-Plus interior.


1973 AMC Brochure. From left to right: Gucci-interior, blue ‘Stripped Uganda’, and the cinnamon ‘Scorpio.’


1974 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Sundance.


1977 Citroen CX.


1978 Plymouth Caravelle; “Mid-size elegance.”


1978 Lincoln Mark V in Golden Jubilee Edition; “Destined to become a classic.”


And the Givenchy Edition.


1978 Renault 4 Safari Edition, “…practical, trendy, easy going and easy living.”