Vintage Car Carriers: A Few ’59 Dodges Arriving – Suddenly It’s Almost 1960!

An Exner design is a sure way to get me to stop and pay attention. And these ’59s are at the tail end of Exner’s peak, still fully under his design reign before being affected by a life threatening heart attack in ’56.

Who is to blame for the oddities after? Exner’s health condition has left some wiggle room ever since, though I still think those unusual ’61s carry mostly Exner genes. For the time being though, let’s not worry about such things and let’s stick to these Lawrence Welk era shots.

Talking about which, ’59 was the last year Chrysler sponsored Lawrence Welk’s variety show. Mostly out of concern the program was out of step with the rising young. Really? Could have fooled me.

FWIW, here’s Lawrence in a ’56 Dodge, trying out a nifty Highway Hi-Fi record player.

And for those who wonder what we’re talking about all of the sudden, the Youtube link for Welk’s Dodge Dance Hour is HERE.