Vintage Carriers: ’74 Dodge Monacos Carried by a Dodge – A Load Of Bluesmobiles

There’s a lot of Dodge in this shot. A Dodge truck carrying at least six CHP ’74 Dodge Monacos, while passing an old Dodge Dart (a ’63?). However, the Dodge references pass me by quickly and I revert to film mentality. Looking at this, I only wonder how many ended up at the hands of the Blues Brothers.

A load of Bluesmobiles is an appropriate term, even if the Brothers only rode ‘one’ in the film. In reality, about 13 identical ’74 Monacos were used, purchased from police auctions in California. Besides the Bluesmobiles, a great number of carriers would have been needed for the whole production, where about 130 vehicles were destroyed in total.

I’ll admit The Blues Brothers is my kind of dumb movie. I know films only got dumber after that, but I like to think the movie itself is not solely responsible for that downward slope. And I suppose some lament the sacrifice of so many Mopars in the name of silly film fun, but I do miss movies with plenty of car chases.

Talking about which…