Vintage Carrier Snapshots: GMC 9500s With Mid ’70s GM Assortment

Here are two vintage shots from about 1975, each with a GMC 9500 doing the hard work. There’s a decent array of Chevrolet offerings in the first image, with a couple of Buicks thrown in for a bit of variety. (Update: A couple of Pontiacs as well).

If given a choice, I was originally going to pick the wagon as the one to own in my dream world. If I’m going ’70s vintage, I’ll take the least-loved one, thank you. However, on closer inspection I believe there’s a Monza in there? If so, forget what I said. I rarely ever saw one and would like a chance to get better acquainted.

The second shot is loaded with trucks, mostly Chevys and at least one GMC. Lots of colors, and a neat arrangement of short and long beds.