Vintage Dealers: Time To Visit Those Old Showrooms

It’s midweek and a good chance to take a break from work and visit those nifty showrooms of the past. Why worry about today’s chores? Isn’t it nicer to wonder what cool ride to purchase back in the day? Just take a look at this Chevrolet dealer in Wichita. That’s a rather sweet Vette. And what about that fancy lamp on the ceiling? Talk about mid-century modern!

Needless to say, visiting dealers as a child was cheer delight, and showrooms were just downright magical. To enter those doors, after a walk around the lot, meant a purchase was more likely. The family was to get a new car, and the imagination swirled around that. And while Mom and Dad signed the dotted line, walking around the cars on display just added pleasure to the ritual.

And looking at these old images, I can easily imagine myself spending a good deal of time in more than a few.

Here’s a ’49 Chevrolet, and I see they were Pet Friendly back then. There are some ‘ghostly’ humans in this image, probably the result of customers not staying still long enough for the picture. But who can blame them? Those were the first true postwar Chevys!

Some new ’51 DeSotos. Nice carpeting and decorations, with a peculiar TV-looking display in the back (Update: It’s a rear-projection film strip screen). Is that a salesman or a mannequin next to it?

Far simpler are the accommodations in this Valiant dealer in Scranton. No problem, I’ll go and take a look at any Valiant regardless of its surroundings.

What’s better than a Starfire Christmas? And what’s that on the back seat? A prop? Another pet?

A bunch of Dodge Boys, with a ’69 Coronet 500 Convertible.

How could we not have a trés moderne Cadillac dealer? Such restrained elegance, so ’60s chic.

And for the closing, something completely different, a ’73 Monte Carlo at the showroom.

I hate to say that I won’t sign any dotted line today, but it was a nice tour nonetheless.