Vintage Outtake: Lamborghini Miura at UC Berkeley, 1972

A few years back CC published a story and pictures of some of the international students’ cars at the University of Oregon in Eugene. At the time, I had heard of but never seen this phenomenon, despite having lived most of the past 60 years either close to a University of California campus, or near Stanford University. I guess I had forgotten all about this picture which I just found while going through some boxes in my basement this week.

I took it in in front of the International House, no less, at UC Berkeley in 1972. I was 15 years old and the Miura was very much an unobtanium exotic then. And yes, the back of the car, with all the exciting bits in it, is sticking into a pedestrian crosswalk. Geelongvic provided a good overview and CAR magazine report on the Miura, here. 46 years later I live in another UC town, but I haven’t seen a Miura on the road locally yet.