Vintage Snapshot: 1961 Imperial – With User Review

For today, I’ll share a few more shots from A. T. Burke’s Flickr page. By all appearances, Mr. Burke was a satisfied Imperial owner. On his post, a brief caption resumes: “The great cornering torsion bar handling, hot rod engine and long wheelbase made this a great highway cruiser.”

I won’t put Mr. Burke’s words to doubt in regard to the Imperial. He was also a fan of watersports, and was quite proud of the second boat on this shot; which he claimed “was the fastest in San Diego. Didn’t look it and provided some surprises.”

I have no idea about boats, so I’ll let you all be the jury on that.

There’s a bit more of the Imperial’s front end on this shot, with the caption “Do it yourself provided utility but not style.” I would think he’s talking about the rustic home trailer. Although I know Virgil Exner was a rather hands-on and do-it-yourself kind of designer.

I’ll finish with this last picture from the same spot. A “1956 Chevy Bel Air is what every kid wanted.” That’s a rather sweeping statement, but in my case, it’s true; I did want a Chevy when I was a kid.


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