Vintage Snapshot: (Car)Carrier Flight Deck

When carriers change port it also meant the entire crew changed port and the town they lived in. So to facilitate the move of the crew carriers would ship all their cars on the flight deck to the next port as seen here.


I rarely run across these photos but this is a new one for me. The time frame could be late 70s to early 80s based on the cars was my first impression. Second impression are the white license plates from the state they are leaving. Washington State and Bremerton would be very likely. Having been around NAS North Island and then NAS Alameda, and knowing which carriers used those home ports, I scoured naval archive sites. Found it to be the USS Constellation returning to her home port of San Diego, saw her there through the 70s, after a complex overhaul in Bremerton 1984. Note the position of the cars here are aft as you can see the Optical Landing Signal Lights at the top.