Vintage Snapshots: Mom, Dad, Jr. And Mr. Wheels – A Gallery Of Cars And Families

I don’t know if it’s just my perception, but I remember there was a time when cars often appeared as backdrops in family portraits. A custom that I feel has faded in recent times. While I feel that is just the case, I have no way to prove my point. After all, I doubt the matter has been tackled by sociologists, polls, or prestigious studies.

Maybe cars are just taken for granted now, and taking a selfie with one is the equivalent of posing next to a microwave. Or maybe we lead more individual lives; and with families owning multiple vehicles, you’d be hard-pressed to get everyone to pose together with the many ‘family cars’ each household owns.

Whatever the case, we know the arrival of the automobile used to be a life-transforming event for many families. Cars were exciting and took much effort to acquire. Once obtained, why not record the moment together as well as possible with that new ‘family member’? Then again, ‘as best as possible’ varied wildly then, as this was the age of cropped heads, off-center compositions, and the ever-present off-focus finger.

Could be I’m just overanalyzing the whole matter. Picture-taking is easy now, and we know some EV owners love to document every single moment of their car’s lives.

In any case, here’s a gallery of photos from the past with families and their prized possessions. Relatives and neighbors make their appearance as well. Or so I think, as most of these didn’t have captions; but feel free to add your thoughts, clues, etc. on these.