Vintage Snapshots: The 1957 Ford Wagon

In all my traipsing through pictures at “Missouri’s Historic Highways” I found this really delicious yet plain 1957 Ford wagon.  It does rather pale next to the Mercury wagon and the Pontiac.

I also found this picture with another 1957 Ford wagon.  Then I looked at the license plates – it’s the same car from the same angle but vastly different location!  The sticker on the deck lid says “Missouri Highway Dept.”.  This makes sense as many of the pictures at “Missouri’s Scenic Highways” likely originated from there.

This is likely the only documentation this neat old Ford ever existed.

Incidentally, I’m guessing it to have a three-on-the-tree.  When enlarging this picture, it appears the gear selector is in second, thus located too high to be an automatic in “Drive”.