Vintage Snapshots: Weekend Car Washing – Hoses, Rubber Boots, And Ladders

In my family, Sunday was always a slow day. Stores were closed, TV was old movie reruns, and there was little to do. Why not deal with the silent member of the family? The car? It certainly always needed some cleansing. It was time for Mom, Brother, and I to grab a good-sized bucket, a few rags, some soapy water and get to work.

Age has turned me lazy and I rarely ever wash cars in such a way. Car wash stations in California got me used to quick jobs, while cheap labor takes care of the task where I currently live. Still, once in a while, I grab a bucket and do it the old way. As one cleans a car inch by inch by hand, even mundane models come under a new light and find -at the very least- a bit of love. On such occasions, I remind myself that old-style washing isn’t such a chore, and that spending some time up close is a good way to reacquaint with the family ride.