Vintage Snapshots: A Brief Visit To Parking Lots Of The Past

Here is a brief gallery of parking lots around America. Decades vary, locations too, and of course, the vehicles. A few of these came with information, either in date or location. A few didn’t provide any, and some are my guesses. Yet, let’s see what commenters can bring up on these, correct the record if necessary, and let’s do a visit down memory lane. Let’s start with the opening image, which is somewhere in New Mexico, circa 1954.

Tacoma Airport, Seattle, 1957.

O’Hare Airport, 1964.

Eugene, Oregon, circa 1957.

Daytona Beach, 1966.

Omaha, Nebraska, 1968-69.

Airport Parking, 1968.

Mendocino County Fair, circa 1978.

Ft. Lauderdale, circa 1976.