Vintage Snapshot: Kaiser ‘Carabela’ (Manhattan) Limousine

For those who wish their Kaiser Manhattan to have a bit more presence, IKA (Kaiser Industries Argentina) built just the ticket for you; the ‘Carabela’ Limousine.

The arrival of Kaiser Industries to Argentina was a momentous occassion, as it officially made the South American nation first in automotive production in the region. The Manhattan, rechristened as ‘Carabela’ for Argentina, was among the factory’s early products and built from 1958 to 1962.

With pleasantries being common between IKA’s management and Argentina’s officials, a handful of factory built limousines were given away, most notably to Argentinian president Arturo Frondizi. At least one survives to this day, and is often displayed in local car gatherings.

Here’s one more shot of the ‘Carabela’ limousine, courtesy of Argentina’s National Archives. IKA’s exploits as a South American player were quite the rollercoaster, with an unlikely cast of actors mixed in, such as Alfa and Renault. Though for the time being that’s a soap opera (say telenovela!) we will deal with some other time.

Not that IKA hasn’t been partially covered at CC before, as its most notorious chapter got Paul’s attention a while back: the Rambler based -and Pininfarina styled- IKA Torino.

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