Vintage Truck Snapshots: Masked Brockways On The Move

It’s been a while since an old Brockway appeared in our pages, and this small image collection from the mid ’50s is a good chance to revisit the enigmatic Mad-Maxlike visage of these.

What laid under the mask was a rather attractive truck, actually, as previously covered. A good number of vintage photos show Brockways with their iron masks in place, however, which gives the products from the long-gone small regional player a look very much of their own.

Neither previous posts nor commenters have found an explanation for the iron masks. Most agree it is for some protection. I do live in a place where road conditions are less than ideal, and truck owners add all forms of cobbled-together metal structures in order to safeguard their work vehicles.

Let’s close this brief Brockway post with a nice detail of the make’s logo, almost hiding behind the truck’s notorious thick iron bars:

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