What If Ford Had Spent Its Edsel Millions On Something Else?

This could have been the 1960 Edsel if Ford had stuck with it (from the fabulous site of mrjynx). Yesterday we returned to 1957, and experienced the spectacular hype and showmanship that made the Edsel such an epic fail. Ford lost $400 million on the Edsel – $3 billion in today’s money. It was far cheaper to create a new car then, when they could sell anything with lights, wipers and a horn. What should they have done with all that cash instead?

’58 Edsel without the hype? ’58 Falcon? ’58 Mustang? Real Mercurys that weren’t dressed-up Fords? Engines? Quality? Automation? New make and dealer network, or stick with Ford/L-M?

Imagine you’re Henry Ford II, it’s 1955, and you have $400 million to spend. What would you do?