QOTD: What New 1957 Car Would You Have Bought?

1957 Dodge-04

So this week we’ve taken a close look at the new 1957 offerings from all the domestic makers, courtesy of period write-ups in Motor Trend.  Now imagine that you were in the market to buy a new car back then.  After reviewing all the information and contemplating all the choices, which one would you have bought?

Would a dashing Dodge adorn your driveway?  Or…

1957 Ford Lineup Foldout (Rev)-03

Perhaps there would be a Ford in your Future?  Or…

1957 Oldsmobile-01

Maybe a well-rounded Oldsmobile would be just right?  Or…

1957 Rambler-06 amp 07

Would you have expressed your independent streak with a pragmatic Rambler?

Certainly a lot to ponder…

As for me, there would have been only once choice at the end of the day.

1957 Chrysler 300C-02

I would have taken “The Forward Look!”  While I could see myself in any 1957 Mopar–I thought they were all styling triumphs in their own right–my first choice would have been a Chrysler 300C.  While the convertible is stunning with the allure of open air motoring, my pick would have been the 2-door hardtop.  I love that roofline and feel it really completes the look.

So I would have been one of those customers seduced by a Siren, only to discover my dream was a demon.  But just imagine the envious stares I would have gotten when I first brought that baby home!