Vintage Car and Driver Review: 1973 Monte Carlo – First Test Of The Radical “New Generation Chevy”

The quintessential ’70s Chevrolet gets the Car And Driver treatment with a glowing review and not many snarky comments, with those appearing mostly directed elsewhere. Meanwhile, DeLorean gets kudos and is given one more chance to bask in the spotlight.

Just as recent as this past April, the ’73 Monte Carlo R & T review went up on this site (Posted here, with Paul’s commentary), mostly confirming Car And Driver’s assesment. Clouds on the horizon do appear though, with constant references to Mercedes vehicles, even if expressed under DeLorean’s admiration for their engineering.

Odd to think this would be one of DeLorean’s last truly glowing moments. In ‘On A Clear Day You Can See General Motors,’ he expressed his frustrations with Chevrolet’s inefficient operations and GM’s stuffy corporate culture, with him leaving not long after the Monte’s launch. In the meantime, the Monte Carlo was to become part of the American landscape, with many a sample surrounding the nation’s high schools in beater form for years to come.