Vintage Consumer Reports Comparison: 1988 Mid-Size Family Sedans

(first posted 4/2/2017)    Hello to all CC readers. I’d like to introduce myself as a new contributor to this awesome website. Being a huge fan of CC for quite a number of years, I wanted to share some of my own content I’ve collected over the years. For starters, I have well over 150 old Consumer Reports and R&T magazines that have been slowly scanned into a computer. I chose this one to be my first since sedans and minivans maybe boring as bread and butter but, as a child of the 80’s and 90’s, they surrounded my life every day, so they bring a lot of nostalgia.

The most telling of these four cars is how far ahead Ford was in the competition. The Taurus jellybean exterior design may have not been everyone’s cup of tea but it was a groundbreaking design, thanks to the inspiring efforts of Audi’s 1982 100. Buick’s Century was already aging fast by 1988, and Chrysler’s Lee Iacocca put out another K-car variant, the Dynasty. Iacocca was not a fan of aero styled cars, but he didn’t have much to work either. Chrysler’s Eagle Premier might’ve had a promising future but the company didn’t put much marketing into the product.

Enjoy the reading and I look forward to sharing more articles with you all.