Vintage Review: Lamborghini Countach S



Continuing with our vintage reviews, this one is of course the cover story from R&Ts’ December 1978 issue. I’ve included some of my own photos inside


Those of us who grew-up in the Seventies and Eighties, still remember the impact this car had on everyone who saw it. I maintain that even with the latest crop of Hyper-cars such as Pagani or Koenigsegg, and almost forty-five years after its initial unavailing, the Countach still is outrageous to look at, and unlike any other car.

So to me it’s funny to read that R&T are asking in 1978 whether it’s still the ultimate exotic. Yes, I know the Ferrari 512BB and the Lotus Esprit were around by then. Sorry- IMHO, not as WOW as the Lambo.

Anyway, here’s the issue’s cover:



And the Article, enjoy:






Back in 1994, I was on a trip through some of Europe’s best automotive museums and collections- purely by chance, I stumbled upon Renn und Sportwagen Museum Bruno de Cillia, which is a collection of racing cars, super-cars and what-have-you. Whilst there, I took photos of two Countachs-

One early model:




And one very late:




The Countach in the R&T article is somewhere in between, so it’s nice to compare the model’s evolution.


And if you’re wondering whether the Countach is faster than a Camry, here’s the answer