Vintage Review: Rolls Royce Silver Shadow – Car And Driver Checks Out The Updated Grand Dame Of British Motorcars

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In the 1960s, Rolls-Royce occupied an exalted position at the absolute top of the car market, though much of that reputation was based on archaic but impeccably built machines featuring the highest quality materials and craftsmanship along with astronomical price tags.  However, the brand was overdue for an update, and the Silver Cloud was finally supplanted with the new Silver Shadow.  Car and Driver took a look the new car in the March 1966 issue–did they find it to be a suitable continuation of the Rolls-Royce legacy?





In addition to the new car, Rolls-Royce had another secret weapon to keep it at the top of the super luxury car segment: old school salesmen who personally helped customers configure their exact dream machine.  Car and Driver profiled one such man, Charles Willmore, who had been in the car business almost since its inception, and was quite adept at meeting the motoring needs of the very rich.